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Why Social Media?

Social Media is vital today to interact with your customers & prospects. People of all ages are using it. The most popular programs are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. Our first goal will be to determine which platforms are best for your business to reach your target markets.


  • Excellent platform for interacting with customers & prospects
  • Create Business Page, and personal profile when appropriate
  • Develop Fan Base by selecting relevant groups, organizations, & continue regular interaction with them
  • Create & update photos, videos, content to keep interest in the page
  • Respond regularly to fans’ comments, questions, suggestions
  • Create apporiate Facebook ads for Your target market


Especially important for business to business, managers, executives, professionals, sales, marketing. Businesses can search for new hires, follow competitors, use contacts for introductions to new prospects, join groups and associations online, etc.

  • Create business profile along with individual profiles for top managers. Include photos, videos, presentations, awards, etc.
  • Update 3-6 times weekly with interesting business and/or interesting trade news
  • Follow relevant groups & experts in your industry, and interact


Platform for distributing videos to websites & other social media platforms, plus e-marketing materials. YT hosts the videos so that people can link to them from other sites.

  • Establish YouTube Channel Pages to host videos, and to increase subscriber base from people searching the internet for products & services.
  • Record new Videos, recommend twice monthly. Short videos, 1-2 minutes, are suggested, to keep attention


Good for short messages (140 characters).

  • Develop home page, interact with appropriate organizations, prospects and industry experts to build a data base & keep interest


A rapidly growing platform that is much like scrapbooking online.

  • Create pin boards by pinning photos, videos, artwork, quotes, etc. to attract visitors to your business boards, and to pin your materials to share on their sites for the viral effect.


Google’s version of LinkedIn & Facebook that particularly attracts tech & business oriented people. It is easier to add people to your circles than LI or FB.

  • Create a personal & business profile. Add relevant followers & organizations. Update 3 -5 times per week with content, photos, videos.

FourSquare, Yelp, TripAdvisor, City Search

Platforms where consumers & clients can regularly comment on products & services

  • Create Local Pages
  • Monitor comments, good & bad, and respond

(Note: We can create & implement Social Media programs for your company, and maintain them. Or, we can train you or your staff to continue interacting online. Please remember that an established program will not be successful without continually uploading new content & interacting daily with customers & prospects.

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