Photo Editing

Photo Transformations

John can edit photos in many creative ways. He can add or delete people or objects. He can combine elements from multiple photos to create almost any desired effect for ads (print or online), Web pages, Social Media, or for any other type of display.

In the wedding photo example below, the bride’s father is missing from a group photo (top). The bride’s father was copied from another photo and seamlessly inserted into the group photo (bottom).

Digital Photo Enhancement

Digatal cameras can capture a lot of visual details. However, sometimes the resulting photo does not desplay all of the details and colors that have been captured by the camera. This is a common problem when various elements of the photo are in different lighting conditions. John can often recover the visual information in the photo file to create a much better photo.

Enhancement of Film Photos

Photo film sildes and negatives also contain a lot of visual details that are sometimes not apparent in the final result. A high quality slide and negative scanner can convert the image into a digital file, which can then be enhanced. The photos below show the results of enhancing a slide.

Photo Restoration

John can restore old or damaged photos. He scans the photo to create a digital file and then use photo editing software to repair and restore. The resulting digital file and then be displayed or used to create a new print of the restored photo. An example of a photo restored by John is below.

Graphic Design

John can create brochures, logos, letterheads, signs, etc. He uses Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to creat these items. An example of one of his creations is below.

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